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Default Re: Cheat! and -asers

Originally Posted by Cheat! card
You may have and use any one item that would otherwise be against the rules....
Notice the word "item."

Originally Posted by Star Munchkin Rules
Laser Weapons
Laser weapons include any item with a name ending, more or less, in “aser.” Each laser weapon is a 2-handed weapon, but any and all laser barrels can be snapped together to create a single 2-handed weapon with the power of both. For instance, a Laser (+2) and a Dazer (+3) combine to create a Laser-Dazer (+5). Add another Laser and it’s a Laser-Laser-Dazer (+7). And it’s still just a 2-handed weapon.

However, the combined weapon can be broken down a piece at a time if necessary, and counts as one Item for each card making it up.You cannot Annihilate or Antimatter the whole weapon . . . just one card!

All laser weapons are considered “fire” weapons.
The rules here tell you that each -aser adds to a "weapon," but that each Item is still individual. You can't Cheat! the entire array. However, remember that normally, you can only use one Complex Item, so if you happen to have 2 Complex -aser components, you can Cheat! one of them so that you can have both.
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