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Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
What the Matrix Walker said - if it's a NPC, this is just how it works. If it's for a PC, it's trickier, but I think it can be done. The end goal here is to basically make their Will = their HP. I'd first start with Modifying Other Characteristics (GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements, p. 10). Substituting ST for another attribute is not currently legal - but you can sub a specific aspect of ST (I did this in Pyramid #3/69: Psionics II in my article "Mind and Body" where the higher of ST or Will determined the basic damage of a psi-sword; see p. 18 of that issue for all the gory details). In this instance I would use the rules for Modifying Other Characteristics and add "Based on ST, HP Variant, +20%" directly to Will. HP wouldn't be used at all unless the critter would somehow become a physical being and HP would equal Will, though a cost of 1 points per level of Will would be needed in the form of a new advantage. So if the gaster had a Will of 11, he'd need to pay 11 points to use his Will instead of his HP for damage purposes. The GM would need to be careful though as this might led to some unpleasantness for playing characters with this trait as they take HP damage they become increasingly susceptible to supernatural powers that are resisted by Will!
Why are you attempting to make it an advantage when it's clearly disadvantageous in every way?

The mechanic is that his Will is lowered every time he takes HP damage. The fact that his Will and his HP start at the same value is pretty much immaterial; even if they started at different values, the value of 'lose 1 Will for every 1 HP lost' should be about the same.

Limited Will sounds like the best option; -70 sounds 'roughly' correct, so that'd be -3.5 points per point of Will the character has.
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