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Default Re: Loot Letter rules pdf?

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
If AEG hasn't posted one, I'd wager they don't want it online. We're not going to post it on our own initiative; it's their game, not ours.
I never meant to imply that you should, and certainly not without their consent or prompting. I was just wondering if it had been a part of the collaboration and I'd just missed it somewhere. I could see a situation where Steve Jackson Games would want to keep the spread of their licensed materials to a minimum and would prefer to host the Loot Letter version's pdf here, or AEG would want the same for the game mechanics.

Originally Posted by PK View Post
Munchkin Loot Letter is just a reskin of Love Letter. So if you can't find a rules sheet for the former, just look for the latter. The card names will be different, but the number values stay the same.
That was a really good idea, PK. AEG had a pdf of the original Love Letter rules posted up on their site, so I snagged that. It loses out on the sweet Munchkin art and flavor text, but since the actual gameplay is identical it meets my needs. Thanks!
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