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Default Re: Announcing Munchkin Treasure Hunt

After playing the game a few times, I have a handful of observations:

A.) Agreed on the earlier post about the print being too small and the +1 looking like a +4 at a quick glance.

B.) If you flip the box insert the other direction, it creates two pockets for storing stuff instead of one. Works great for keeping the two sets of cards apart during transport.

C.) Would love some "House Rules" for more combatitive play (like, I can use my treasures to enhance your monsters.)

D.) Who rolls for the Troll? Since this game is less player vs. player focused, I presume it is the player who is fighting the Troll - but with the cards that affect the roll of the die, it does make a bit of a difference.

E.) One observation - I feel that Permanent treasures should be worth more gold than the one-shots of the same strength. Since the Permanent +1 always stays with me I would always want to play it before one-shot items. If it were worth more at the end of the game, however, I'd be more inclined to weigh the options. Just a thought.
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