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Default Feedback on Fright Check / Magic house rule for a Fantasy-Horror setting

Hi all.

I am working on a lovecraftianesque Fantasy-Horror setting house rule for Fright Checks and Magic, and would like to ask anyone in the mood for some feedback on it. It's a 12 page PDF, so I know I might be asking for much, but I'd appreciate any constructive criticism.

The principles:
  • I wanted to make casting spells a very serious matter. Something players will not think of as a first way of solving problems, and also something that will potentially leave them with scars.
  • At the same time, I don't want to make magic unplayable. I'd like players to view magic seriously, and not take it for granted, while also allowing them to pursue "the dark arts" if they want to go down that road.
  • I want magic to be present in the setting, but always with a dark air about it, and never trivially.
So I created a house rule where I'm aiming at:
  • Magic doesn't cost much in terms of character points.
  • Using magic can cost much in terms of roleplaying.
  • A player is able to mage a mage character who also specializes on some other mundane area (such as, fighting) and not lag behind the rest of the group (too much).
  • A player who chooses to make a pure mage may do well in the first sessions, but will soon have to start managing his character's actions with care in order for him to still have a future.
If anyone is kind enough to take the time and read the pdf, I'd be glad to hear/read what you have to say.


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