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Default Re: GURPS: Adapting the Duel of Wits

Some thought:
It is somewhat inconvenient to support a variety of approaches to influence in GURPS because GURPS' attributes are rather close. I.e. you have most Influence skills are IQ-based, Will is IQ-derived, and the occasionally-used Per is also IQ-derived. Characters tend to have those Attributes no more than two, and very rarely up to 4 levels apart. Charisma is not an Attribute and there's no such thing as a Manipulation Attribute in GURPS.
So you can't do stuff like pitting one's Charisma vs. the target's Will, Manipulation vs. Perception, Wits vs. Intelligence etc. when picking different approaches.

This means that the abstract number-crunching will indeed be largely an abstraction that does not add descriptive qualities to the social exchange.
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