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Default Re: What do you want in a Transhuman Space game (as a player)?

For example, in my first THS campaign, one of the PCs was a ghost in a bioshell: He had been uploaded into a tiny computer and implanted in a bioshell cloned from his original body. (This had odd effects, in that he was a Modern Catholic and believed that he had died when his organic brain was destroyed and gone on to purgatory or heaven or hell; he regarded himself as a soulless simulacrum of the true person.) In the first investigation, they had to deal with a young woman who was very smart, but lacked confidence about physical things like dancing and sex; so she had had her VII wired to be able to control her body, and relied on the VII for physical skills, while she rode along and observed and experienced. The PC managed to encounter her in a club, dance with her, or end up going home with her for the night. But being cautious, he asked one of his teammates to keep in touch with him remotely and be prepared to step in and operate his body if he got in trouble. Well, he got up and visited the bathroom, and when he engaged with the house computer, a hidden layer in his internal computer tried to probe it without his knowledge, and it alerted his hostess, who had her VII take over and try to physically subdue him, whereupon he called for help and had his own body operated by his friend. She imitated his accent and asks, "Wha'd ye do that for?" and the whole thing was resolved peacefully, more or less.

But the thing is, aside from not knowing about the hidden layer of the first PC's digital self, the entire group of PCs followed the series of transactions and exchanges just fine. At that point I knew the campaign was viable.
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