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Default Re: What do you want in a Transhuman Space game (as a player)?

I agree with Bill. To refine it a bit, I want to experience the sheer strangeness of the setting. Alternating that with the parts that are familiar both emphasises the strangeness, and provides something to cling to when the strangeness gets too much, for a while. But I want to learn to cope with the strangeness, and live within it, moving on to new and weirder levels.

All this tends to mean that the stories need to grow out of the new things in the society. Some of them may have basic human motives behind them, manifested in new ways, but others will start with some strange new idea. The neatest example of this I've played was a scenario that happened because of the strange self-organising properties of the large amounts of smart gift-wrapping paper that had been thrown away in a particular Martian settlement.

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