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Default Re: What do you want in a Transhuman Space game (as a player)?

Originally Posted by Keiko View Post
I've seen the sentiment "This isn't want I want from a Transhuman Space game" expressed quite a few times in response to campaign and scenario proposals (to me more than once...). So I'm curious what is wanted from a Transhuman Space game? What would your ideal campaign be like?
I want it to be something that uses the stuff that's new to THS. I don't want a game that could be played now, or in Victorian England, with the future setting being no more than exotic costuming and scenery. Nor do I want a simple allegory of problems we have now projected onto the future. Give me an attempt to envision the future, identify problems that will distress its people, and build plots and scenarios on that.

I'm not primarily interested in combat, especially large-scale military combat. I'm fine with having it included, but I want drama as well as action.
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