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Default Re: GURPS: Adapting the Duel of Wits

Originally Posted by AchyuthC View Post
Yep, I agree with you Joe! Combat is awesome and exciting of course, but I love the idea of exploring other areas of the game to see what can be made mechanically interesting about those as well.
The counter-argument though is that you're not exploring other areas of the game, you're just doing combat again with different names for attributes

There is a point to unification of mechanics. But if I were going to do that, my impulse would be to stylize combat as Quick Contests or regular contests, resolving its outcomes more holistically and less blow by blow, rather than to try to assimilate other things to combat.
Burning Wheel actually has multiple ways to resolve combats and this is one of them, so that's something.

I'd be interested in a GURPS take on Duel of Wits, if only because I think it does have interesting aspects to it. My only real objection to Duel of Wits was probably a quirk of the GM I had- in 80% of cases duel of wits was always "one person gets to do all the things and we can watch"
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