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Default Re: GURPS: Adapting the Duel of Wits

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Yeah, I saw people proposing that sort of thing, but I find the whole idea alien. The structure of combat mechanics makes a fair amount of sense to me as a stylization of the process of combat; but I find it hard to imagine why anyone would think that the process of social interaction and persuasion could be stylized in the same way. It seems like using a hammer, not even to drive a screw or tighten a bolt, but to tie a knot. So I don't feel able to offer detailed suggestions for how to do it.
I'll definitely take a look at Social Engineering and see if it'll help me out, though by the look of what you said it seems like I might just have to model something myself. I can see the viewpoint that it's a little ridiculous to try and push social interaction into something akin to turn-based mini-game, but in my experience it brings out the passion and the skill/technique of a really heated debate. It's to be used sparingly of course (so no devolving into rounds of rhetoric combat over who gets the last chair).

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It would be pretty easy to envision a will based "argument" score, modified by social disadvantages like stubbornness, bully, confused, etc. Those could actually modify the attack modes you use (if you're a bully, that could effectively be +Striking Strength). If I were doing it, I'd go |cp cost|/2 for the modified argument (HP) score, and use will for the base strength of an "attack" and modify it using |cost|/5 for effective thrusting damage. Maybe let the player use swing damage if they depict their argument particularly well.
That's a great starting place, thank you! It would be really interesting if some advantages gave a bonus to certain methods of oratory like you mentioned. Switching between swing/thrust damage might get me that rock-paper-scissor style I want. I think I'm going to also have to list the set of skills and maneuvers you can use for a duel of wits, and which can be used for which.

I'll see what I can cook up with that as a base, thanks guys.

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