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Default "Asking for Help" clarification.

Hey Guys,

I tried looking thru the forums for an answer, alas... no such luck. Here's my question/scenario:

So last night we played with 6 players at Munchkin 1 thru 5. Lots of cards, lots of fun! Although, someone, who will remain nameless and wanted to win BADLY created a sort of "team" with her boyfriend. She was insisting on winning our Game Night trophy.

That being said.. here is the scenario:

She would "BAM" open a door card and even is all her bonuses made her a Level 26... the monster would be a mere Level 7. Right away, even knowing that she would be able to beat the Monster (BUT be in fear of retribution from the table) would immediately ask "Assistance" to her boyfriend who was all together with bonuses a Level 23. As much as we made the monster ancient and with a mate... their "team" combined levels made it impossible for her to get the "bad stuff" so to speak.

That being said, is one allowed to request assistance from any other players right off the bat specially given that her own Level is much superior that the Monster's level?

Is she a tactical genius or were we stooped into letting her get away with such a tactic?

Lemme know please... our OFFICIAL game night trophy winner still awaits this post's answer.

Ranger Bear
Ottawa, Canada
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