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Default Blog: Worlds Beyond Earth

I started this blog a while ago. Its created as an outlet and display for my incessant world building -- which, as you may quickly notice, is mostly channelled in the direction of gaming. I'm not sure whether gaming will take it completely over or not.

I was going to post this when the blog was just created, but I wanted it in a presentable format, and the thing just grew while I tried to smooth it out. Its not how I would like it yet, but It will just grow more if I wait. As of this posting, I have 16 posts and 5 pages. They include:

An IW template system for use at cons
Monster Ideas
World Ideas
An 'IQ Qualities' System to break up IQ in a meaningful way that remains both point efficient and mostly balanced.
An expanded 'Demon Variety' table (RPM) and a discussion on how to populate your RPM setting with fae.
An alternate pricing scheme for added attributes in RPM.

I suggest using the tag cloud to navigate.

Comments, Questions, and suggestions are welcome both here and on the blog itself. I hope you enjoy the content.
Worlds Beyond Earth -- my blog

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