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Default Re: World of Domibia - GURPS content

If you really want to build this world "from the ground up", are you familiar with Geoff's Climate Cookbook? Unfortunately it's gotten senescent so it can be hard to find on the web. My links don't work any more. But Pixie's tutorial is based on it, and in many ways more comprehensive. The Cartographer's Guild website is also handy if you're obsessive enough to start with plate tectonics, and they have all sorts of mapping tutorials. It helps to look at the Wikipedia Page on Koppen climate classification. If you're interested to see how I've evolved in my own never-ending world building project, there's the link.

I mention all of this because a few of your deserts seem to be in odd places. Of course, if the world is magical that can explain a lot... :) But a 34-degree axial tilt is sure going to be interesting, too. So much of your world is the tropics!

Also, while your icosahedral projection is traditional in RPG circles most folks are using equirectangular projections nowadays because there is so much free software available that accepts it as input. For instance NASA's GProjector.- this is very handy for producing regional maps from a larger master world map. Or Wilbur (an incredibly handy terrain editor.) Unfortunately the Wilbur site is down right now (the guy who made it maintains it in his free time) but I think this is a good link to download it from another repository.

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