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Default Re: [From Real Life] We're gonna have to adjust Bow ROFs

Originally Posted by PK View Post
If I did this right, this should now be the only open thread about this cyclically popular video. This way everyone can talk about it here . . . and I'll do my best to close any new discussions and point them here as well so we all don't have to keep repeating ourselves. :)
This was in fact frequent enough to warrant a special uFAQ entry:
Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Q: Hey, why is the RoF of Bows so low? I've seen videos of people launching 1+ arrows per second?

A: Sure. With low-ST bow, not drawing it the whole way, against predictably moving (or even immobile) targets at a precisely known range and location, with the opportunity to make many videos and only submit the most impressive one. It's a case of impressive tricks covered by use of Bow Art under conditions that provide very nice Task Difficulty Modifiers.

Oh, and demonstrations against poor-quality mail that is placed against a hard surface with no padding makes penetration much easier, even with abysmally weak shots.

Now, for cinematic games, GURPS rules do already cover shooting Bows at ROF 1 (Martial Arts p. 120) and even ROF 2 for cinematic archers (Martial Arts p. 83). These rules can also be used under noncombat conditions for Bow Art demonstrations.
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