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Default Re: Monster Hunters: Justice [IC]

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
The Hermit saw something portentous in the cards today -- much more than he normally sees:

An upcoming supernatural conflict will hit the mortal world especially hard
One side, represented by a dragon is a long standing power who won't die of old age: a high fae, immortal, or vampire
The other side, 'The Guild' is a group who are only powerful together
The 'dragon' is metaphorical, not actual, and is quite unlikely to be a fae.
The war will be over the ability to generate wealth, rather than about spite, revenge, or something else.
The wealth will be of a supernatural nature.
The 'children' of one side will be effected: children, not servants, soldiers, nor followers. The full interpretation is still somewhat vague.
The members of 'The Guild' are more or less mortal.
The area of the conflict is the northern east coast, from Vancouver to Fresno.
Ok, children are probably on the guild side, seems unlikely that an immortal would have or care about a bunch of children, though a Vampire might.
Are the children mortal?
He will try additional divinations to determine more about who or what the children, dragon and guild may be.
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