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Shawn Fen is one of the harder boys to work with. He got into drugs mostly out of rebellion to his parents -- who are, to be fair, a bit smothering. He only shows up occasionally, and is not one of the best success cases, but the 16 year old mulatto might kick his habit yet.

Shawn: "Brother Man, I'm not sure whats going on, but someone's following me. Yeah, I know its weird. Why would they follow me? It's not the pigs, they'd just search me and be done with it. Its making feel really weird, ya know? I thought you might be able to catch the guys following me: you're good at that stuff, and you won't make me do anything illegal to pay for it."

The kid is trying hard not to show it, but he's absolutely terrified. Brother man suspects Shawn saw something he doesn't quite believe.
"'The wicked flee when no one purses', but I can see in your face that there's something more to this. When did you first notice them following you? What do they look like?"
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