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Default Monster Hunters: Justice [IC]

Character Roster

The Hermit saw something portentous in the cards today -- much more than he normally sees:

An upcoming supernatural conflict will hit the mortal world especially hard
One side, represented by a dragon is a long standing power who won't die of old age: a high fae, immortal, or vampire
The other side, 'The Guild' is a group who are only powerful together
The 'dragon' is metaphorical, not actual, and is quite unlikely to be a fae.
The war will be over the ability to generate wealth, rather than about spite, revenge, or something else.
The wealth will be of a supernatural nature.
The 'children' of one side will be effected: children, not servants, soldiers, nor followers. The full interpretation is still somewhat vague.
The members of 'The Guild' are more or less mortal.
The area of the conflict is the northern east coast, from Vancouver to Fresno.


Marcus is working at the junk yard when a young man approaches him. The guy is a little overweight, but not enough to remark attention, and he seems very nervous.

"Are --- are you Marcus Savage? I ... have a problem that only you can solve... how to explain this: my friends have gone missing. I've gone to the cops, but they aren't being very active. They -- don't believe what I'm telling them. Its really strange. The pigs have written off my friends as drug related disappearances, but I know its not that. I'm worried about what happens. I almost think --- oh boy. I almost think they were taken by some sort of giant spider monster."

Mr. Mills glances over at where the two are talking, and grimaces. He's recognized the look on the boy's face.

Marcus's supernatural sense tingles-- this isn't a man, this is a powerful shapeshifting Faerie -- a near fae, probably.


Jenny calls across the office: "Hey, White Night*, we have a request in from the bigwigs. They want you to play police again."

Laura Night has the email up on her computer in no time. Jenny has already attached a list of the deaths: five murders in the last three weeks. Normally, they wouldn't be connected together. Cherion ran DNA tests on them, and found all of them are minor mages, or at least carriers of the mage gene. Only one appears to have been an active mage, but that's just speculation. Further comparison revealed they are all either half siblings or double cousins genetically, though they don't seem to know each other at all. They are scattered from Corvallis to Seattle. Jenny makes the additional comment that most of the victims are above average wealth.

Sheela TugenBerg: age 24, Magery carrier, Psychology major at Oregon state. Poorer but devoted parents. Raped, and then stabbed to death and dumped in the river. The river has damaged the killer's dna. This case is relatively cold.

Hamid Szczepanski: age 25, Magery 1, serving residency to become a doctor (he got through school very quickly). Extremely wealthy parents. Disappeared for a month before being found on the street with drugs in his blood stream and two bullets through his head (execution style), as well as severe bruises from a beating. This investigation is still quite active.

Zeke Whitton, age 29, magery 0, supported by parents. Died in alcohol related car accident. He was drunk at the time. The driver of the car they crashed into is being charged with manslaughter, as the man was also drunk.

Sigismond Girvin, age 29, magery 1, Love Potion Maker, quite wealthy, and fairly open about what his profession has. Was shot 17 times by a handgun. Police suspect crime of passion, but are finding it extremely difficult to conduct the inquiry due to no one wanting to admit they worked with him.

Vincent Keith, age 26,magery 0, Manager at Family restaurant. Killed by a pair of burly robbers who raided the establishment. Police has commented on how willing they were to shoot -- he didn't seem to have provoked the attack. The shots were fired by experts: one hit the skull dead center, the other strait through the heart.

Cherion is pretty sure something is up, and wants to know what.

*nickname, in reference to last name and monster hunting tendencies.

Ketty High had everything going for her: looks, money, connections, smarts, and magic. Her political career was about to come to a peak: she was one of the front runners for replacing one of Oregon's congressman who recently retired. Not bad for a 30 year old girl.

Naturally, Brown had been bugging Jack to play a prank on her and her husband. The possibilities were endless: playing the part of a young bimbo for the husband to have an affair with and then putting incriminating texts into his phone, faking to be one of the hired help and cause a huge fuss, or simply collecting a couple hundred lizards and turning them loose in the house.

Randal Kane woke up with a message on his email: The insider detectives have isolated a cell of supernatural arsonists, but need boots on the ground to identify exactly what creatures they are and to take them out. The creatures are making an effort to catch people inside the buildings but are doing a pretty good job of letting them go: about half make it out. The victims are absolutely terrified wrecks afterwards if they survive. The arsonists seem to be operating out of a industrial area about 2 miles across: an industrial area of town with a power plant, oil refineries, and a blast furnace or two dispersed among the wearhouses. Kane is to hunt these arsonists down, ascertain their motives and identity, and eliminate them if possible.

Kane doesn't have too much experience with the supernatural that enjoys fire, but he does know of a few creatures that might work. Flame Brothers, small incorpreal fae that live in furnaces, ovens, and other hot areas are a possible, and easier to track down than most others. At any rate, they will certainly be in that area. Its also possible that a minor dragon is behind this.

Shawn Fen is one of the harder boys to work with. He got into drugs mostly out of rebellion to his parents -- who are, to be fair, a bit smothering. He only shows up occasionally, and is not one of the best success cases, but the 16 year old mulatto might kick his habit yet.

Shawn: "Brother Man, I'm not sure whats going on, but someone's following me. Yeah, I know its weird. Why would they follow me? It's not the pigs, they'd just search me and be done with it. Its making feel really weird, ya know? I thought you might be able to catch the guys following me: you're good at that stuff, and you won't make me do anything illegal to pay for it."

The kid is trying hard not to show it, but he's absolutely terrified. Brother man suspects Shawn saw something he doesn't quite believe.
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