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Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc View Post
This just occurred to me: You might want to casually suggest to Sam that Signature Gear (Twee Non-Heroic Pig) [1] might be a good investment for her emotional health, unless you think she could handle what's probably going to happen to him in a campaign where we're already getting ball bearings shot at us by freakin' trolls (who seem to have a taste for ham, no less).

Or we could, y'know, build her a 32-point Sumo Pig (12-; he's lazy) [2] Ally, and say MOOTP leveled up in badass, maybe after he's exposed to strange energies IC or something. Just say it with me: Sumo Pig. With the additional bonus that, even as a normal pig, he can eat the bodies! Man-Eating Sumo Pig Cleaner! :]
The one-point Signature Gear pig might be a good idea. The first combat was intentionally fairly low-key (although, as you guys will learn, it was in keeping with how the world works), to help the new players get their feet wet with the combat system. Ogres/trolls (tsiants) struggle with the concept of blunderbusses, and even more so with the notion of "fire discipline."

Some of those in the future may be similarly easy, but (for the most part) easy fights will be an exception, rather than the rule.
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