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Originally Posted by tshiggins View Post
[snip] The group traveled to the location of the suspect's -- "Seņor AKA" -- abandoned rental Chevy Suburban. After searching around a bit, the group picked up the trail of "AKA's" heavily-laden cargo-bike. Bizarrely, the trail headed down into a northern tributary canyon -- a stupid and impossible route, given that the cargo-bike and its load probably exceeded 220 pounds (100 kilos).

The group followed the trail down into the twisty canyon, found a place where the Seņor AKA had somehow negotiated an impossible tangle of deadfall trees and rocks from a recent avalanche [snip]

[snip] I didn't have the presence of mind to jot down any funny quotes, this first time. [snip]
"Guys, I'm really starting to like this AKA guy!" --Randy

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