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Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
How does one start a skill under this system? Can you buy it with a character point, or do you have to succeed at a default roll?
In my opinion this makes more sense under GURPS with its system of defaults. You would have to succeed the default under meaningful circumstance. Then fail the subsequent roll to learn the first cp.

The other method is to save up some coins and train.

In practice the PCs just used their free cp or cp earned through achieving goals.

Once the group decided to take some time out and train their first cp. Each picked a skill and one I think picked a skill that needed 1 cp in.

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
The latter would reproduce a problem I found in playing a long RQ campaign: when your skill is very low, getting a tick is (a) quite hard work, because your chance of success is low and (b) dangerous, because you're using up actions on things that probably won't work.
One reason we decided to go with the aware of 1 cp per session to head off the above. There also the training time rules which give the players 1 cp per 45 days of adventuring. Or faster if they go with dedicated training.

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
Does your GMing style involve many rolls at penalties? (GURPS Action's BAD makes them very common) I could see that having a problem with this system, simply because a skill of 14-15 becomes highly unreliable when subjected to significant penalties, yet rolling above it to gain skill is quite unlikely.
I tend to run 100 to 150 pt GURPS fantasy games with a lot of the combat options that are oriented toward realism coupled with GURPS Magic. Pretty much I run things by the book when I can.

In general I don't recall having many rolls at penalties.
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