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Default Re: Munchkin d6 rule ideas

Munchkin D6

Dice are passed around the players equally (unless it's your birthday- then and only then if there is any extra the birthday player can use them).

After a combat (win or lose) that you were a unwilling helper in you may try to steal an item even if you are not a thief -Declare your item first, roll one of your D6

- These die rolls are immune to loaded and reloaded dice and cheat! cards -

on a roll of 6 you steal one small item unless you are a Dwarf who may attempt to steal one big item (item + modifiers is transferred to you).
You successfully stole one item!

on a roll of 5 you break one item (item + modifiers is discarded)
Your attempt at theft broke the item!

on a roll of 4 -if-that item has modifiers you pick one to discard.
Your attempt at theft damaged the item!

on a roll of 3 -if-that item has modifiers your target picks one to discard.
Your attempt at theft damaged the item!

on a roll of 2 let the player you were targeting pick one small item with equal gold value to what you were attempting to steal form what you carry
OH no, you got double crossed!

on a roll of 1 surrender this dice to the player you were targeting.
What... What Happened?

All members of the Thief class, and ONLY the thief class are at +1
All members of the Dwarf race may attempt to steal a big item instead of a small item.
Apocalypse: A1, A2, MA.
Cthulhu: C1, C2, C3, C4.
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Zombie: Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4.
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