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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#21): Channeling

I've never used Channelling on a PC or NPC. A PC group I'm in considered having someone buy it as a way of allowing an ghost Ally who used to be a PC to use his skills in the physical world, but we found it won't serve: the spirit needs the Possession advantage.

I suspect that this advantage needs exactly the right setting to be worth the points: one where there is a significant need to gain information from spirits, and where simply talking to them won't serve, because there's a need for them to talk to groups of people. Most of the time, Spirit Empathy is probably more useful. I wouldn't be especially keen to remove this from GURPS, because it does something unique, but a bigger version that let you be possessed by spirits that lack Possession would be a worthwhile addition.

A GURPS: Theosophy campaign would see this used a lot, but most parties of PCs are probably going to be willing to let the shaman or other specialist do the talking to spirits.

The advantage may also suffer from having a name taken from an eighties occult fashion, which didn't seem very plausible at the time, but I have no idea how many people remember that.
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