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Originally Posted by Buzzardo View Post
In the BatG thread, various folks have mentioned the idea of games that lead into other games. I think of that as meta-gaming* around the regular game...
I thought that discussion was more about interlinked scenarios, where the result of one can affect the next, etc via options like surviving unit carry over.

The idea of a campaign/strategic level game with supply rules, meatware experience and progression seems to be more GURPS Ogre territory. I don't own that, so can't say how well it does, but that would seem a useful starting point for anyone looking to meta-game.

As an aside, it would seem good commercial sense for SJG to encourage Ogre players to take a closer look at GURPS - say with a special offer on a PDF collection including GURPS Ogre, the basic rules and any relevant supplements like Ultra Hi-Tech.
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