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You know, I actually kicked around a few ideas for a campaign engine. This brings it back. The game was played as a sort of role-playing/campaign game in turns worth a week each. It was my tongue-in-cheek take on the silliness of an RPG in a nuclear war, played for laughs. You start at the beginning of the war.

Since there's no way anyone is going to survive 52 combats a year for the 40 years of the Last War (not with OGREs CRT!!!), the point wasn't to "level up" like other RPGs, but to _avoid_ combat long enough to collect fake passports and cash so you can retire in comfort somewhere in the south pacific. Instead of "hit points" (nukes, what's the point?), it tracked gametes, which start at 100,000,000 but only ever go down...

As my very incomplete write up put it:

Take two guys:

"Yeah, by Turn #307 my character was a Combine 87th Level 'OGRE-Buster' Five-Star General who commands his own Army Corps and found a +5 Plasma Rifle in a secret government research center. He's captured his own auto-factory and is going to start building a moon-base."

Or: "Yeah, my character high-tailed it out of the Army as a lowly 1st-Loey and is currently drinking cocktails on a beach in some remote Pacific Island with two-and-a-half million embezzled dollars. Oh, and unlike that other guy, he's not sterile."

So, who "won"? :)
You also score bragging rights based on your number of surviving children and on whether or not you managed to seduce the General's daughter (or son, depending on your character's gender and/or preferences...).
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