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Default Ogre Meta-game?

In the BatG thread, various folks have mentioned the idea of games that lead into other games. I think of that as meta-gaming* around the regular game.

A game of Ogre represents a situation that lasts no more than an hour. A game turn is four minutes long, and it's a rare (very rare, in my experience) game that goes fifteen turns. That's why units are assumed to have enough ammo, and no one needs to stop to eat, drink, pee, or sleep.

I wouldn't try to add those things to Ogre. Rather, I'd create a meta-game for the doings between games. Another way to look at it is as a separate game, where the smaller actions are played out as games of Ogre.

So, what would that larger game have to have?

* With a definite nod to the game label under which Ogre was first published. :)
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