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Originally Posted by Gigermann View Post
A challenge for Doug: Do a full "Technical Natasha," Technical Grappling+Tactical Shooting write-up for the movie, John Wick. For sanity's sake, you should probably just pick a couple of the best scenes—but the entire movie is worthy.

Obviously, it'll have to wait until it comes out on video, unless you can find some suitable bits on Youtube or something (like this).
Not much Technical Grappling going on, so I feel qualified to step up ;)

Analysis of this short strip yields the following:

Our guy (apparently one John Wick, haven't seen the whole movie yet) carries an H&K P30L -- I've got the exact same gun ;) --, fitted with a comp (Tactical Shooting, p. 76).

0:01 -- He enters the room. He clearly has the Close-Quarters Battle technique (Tactical Shooting, p. 43), moving smoothly, scanning and covering all angles.
0:03 -- He punches Red Shirt #1 with his left hand and simultanously lowers his pistol to the hip -- see Shooting in a Melee (Tactical Shooting, p. 25), fires an Unsighted (Tactical Shooting, p. 13) Double-Tap (Tactical Shooting, p. 15) using Close-Hip Shooting (Tactical Shooting, p. 43).
0:04 -- He takes a Sighted Shot (Tactical Shooting, p. 13) at Red Shirt #2, followed by an Unsighted Behind-the-Back Shot (Tactical Shooting, p. 43) at Red Shirt #3.
0:05 -- He takes a Sighted Shot at Red Shirt #3.
0:07 -- His gun arm is grabbed by Red Shirt #4. He strikes with his left to get free.
0:08 -- He takes an Unsighted Close-Hip Shot at Red Shirt #4 and uses a left-handed Judo Throw to bring Red Shirt #4 to the ground.
0:09 -- He takes a Sighted Shot at Red Shirt #4.
0:10 -- He takes a Sighted Shot at Red Shirt #5.
0:11 -- He punches Red Shirt #5 with his left hand.
0:12 -- He Pistol-Whips Red Shirt #5 -- see Guns as Melee Weapons (Tactical Shooting, p. 26).
0:13 -- He tries to fire, but his pistol clicks. He's either out or has a misfire. We don't know how many shots he had; he's fired only eight shots so far, the P30L holds 15+1 in 919mm or 13+1 in .40 S&W, I can't tell from the clip which one he has. Anyway, he ejects the magazine, flipping the pistol for positive ejection (a habit hardwired into savvy Colt and Glock users, but actually not necessary with this model; the H&K P30L uses steel magazines that always drop free).

EDIT: There are actually three different possibilities here: a) he's really out; we don't now what he did earlier. Why did the slide not lock open after the shot at 0:10? The slide locks of the P30L are easy to unintentionally activate in a two-handed grip. b) it's really a misfire. This one is very unlikely, actually, modern centrefire ammo is very reliable. c) my favourite: He rolled an 18 for his Pistol-Whip (Tactical Shooting, p. 26), and his slide is out of battery or something (Of course, he still succeeded with his melee attack, which is counter the wording of Tactical Shooting; however, you need to make contact somehow with the gun to put it out of order. This should probably be an Erratum.) A complete reload rather than Immediate Action is a bit of an overreaction, but works. Note that his reload takes three seconds, standard in GURPS. That's not fast, but it is all right.

0:14 -- He grabs and inserts a new magazine.
0:15 -- He readies the pistol by racking the slide (this is another unnecessary habit learned from other pistols; the H&K P30L automatically closes when the mag is pushed home; it's sound move in case of a misfire, however, as the slide would not stay open, as we've seen here).
0:16 -- He takes a Sighted Shot at Red Shirt #5 (this guy sure didn't want to go down ;)
0:18 -- He takes a Sighted Double-Tap at Red Shirt #6.
0:19 -- He takes a Sighted Double-Tap at Red Shirt #7, switching hit locations inbetween.
0:22 -- He takes an Unsighted Behind-the-Back Shot at the foot of Red Shirt #8.
0:23 -- He takes an Unsighted Behind-the-Back Shot at the torso of Red Shirt #8.
0:24 -- He takes a Sighted Shot at Red Shirt #8.
0:26 -- He kicks Red Shirt #8 through the door.


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