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Default Munchkin Adventure Time: Backpack Too Overpowered

Me and my friends have been looking at the Backpack card, which reads "You may have any number of cards in your hand. You are immune to Bad Stuff and Curses that force you to discard cards from your hand."

This means that whoever gets the Backpack is hereby free to accumulate endless gobs of treasure or otherwise force all the other players to waste their items to stop them from doing so somehow.

The main issue is that there are absolutely no downsides to the Backpack, and there are few, if any ways, to remove it. It has no equipment allocation (headgear, armor, handed item, etc.) gives no attack bonus, is only worth 300 gold peices, and only seems to be removable by the players death or Flame King's bad stuff. No normal curses would apply.

It wouldn't be so bad if curses like "lose your most valuable item" applied to it more easily, or if it had -X to run away, or any real caveat to the otherwise overpowered item, but there isn't as far as I can tell.

Are there any other ways to remove the item or downsides I've just missed in M:AT?
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