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Default Re: Typical ST for a war bow?

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
Not everyone who uses Bow is interested in drawing a heavy warbow. Would someone who is handy with lighter bows necessarily be so good at bending the heavier ones?
Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
That's a good point, actually. And it makes it for a nice perk and justification for it.
Yes since it's a house rule for me I don't codify it (but as I said earlier I only allow those who would be training on heavy bows to do this), but if I was I'd make it a perk for certain archery back grounds

Actually thinking about this for those that don't like an automatic trained skill bonus you could also do the whole thing as a technique. Where your level in in the technique is the effective ST you draw with.

So it would say default to your archery/crossbow effective skill (based of ST not DX) of -3, and could be bought up to effective Skill. And even surpassed with the relevant technique mastery perk. (Both technique and technique mastery perk could be made available to certain archery traditions).

I haven't play tested this so that default might be bit harsh for lower skill archers (you could just say ST sets a lower minimum draw ST)
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