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Default READ THIS: What is this forum?

This is a place to discuss all Munchkin-branded games that aren't actually, well, Munchkin. (Except for Munchkin Quest, which has its own dedicated forum.) The current list of those games that have been released or announced is:
This forum explicitly does NOT include the Munchkin games and expansions published by USAopoly and IDW Games, as those use the same Munchkin rules as our own Munchkin games. You may ask questions about those in the main Munchkin forum.

Please be aware that SJ Games staff may not be able to offer authoritative answers to questions about games published by other companies! We'll reach out to offer some of those companies the chance to answer any questions you may have.

When you ask a question, please include the name of the game at the start of your subject line. (Abbreviations are fine, for instance "PANIC: Why are there so many monsters?!?")
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