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Default USA- Lancaster, PA- 10/27- Munchkin Tricky Treats and Trick-or-Treating!

What is it? Halloween is coming and that's a great occasion to play Munchkinn! We will be playing the original Munchkin with the Tricky Treats booster shuffled in. Because it's Halloween there will be treats, and because it is Munchkin there will be tricks too!

Where is it? At War and Pieces in Lancaster PA. War and Pieces is located in the Central Market Mall at 44 N. Queen Street.

When is it? October 13 at 6:30 pm until about 8:30 pm

Note: On street parking is free after 6 pm. Addition parking is available in the Prince Street Garage for a fee.

For more information about the demo then e-mail me at

For more information about War and Pieces and their events call (717)208-3152.
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