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Default Re: GURPS Magic: Death Spells

Originally Posted by Peter V. Dell'Orto View Post
I just got this today - I'm impressed. Very cool stuff. Much of it will work its way into my DF game - just the place for Save or Die!
Occult games tend to be full of them too. The "And then I killed him" spells are a staple of Mage: the Ascension or Mage: the Awakening games, and I quite missed it in GURPS magic for my GURPS Cabal game. Even Path/Book magic has death spells (the Evil Eye and Doom), but Magic missed it. When I saw Death Spells in DF Magic Styles, I was already planning on stealing them and adding them to my collection of Appropriate Cabal Spells, then this book came out. Wonderful! I'm not sure I'd use all of them, but that's the point behind generic magic systems, I can pick and choose what I want, and this is a rich vein to mine!
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