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Default Re: Munchkin Promotional Bookmarks Complete List

Originally Posted by Cloewe View Post
Phil Reed Munchkin Bookmark of Battlegrip Action!

Steve Jackson Munchkin Bookmark of the Big Box of Beatdown

and i would add Phil´s and Steve´s names to these! ;-)
Thanks for that! I don't have these two bookmarks yet so I wasn't able to read them off the bookmark.

Originally Posted by Cloewe View Post
... and ...

Munchkin Bookmark of Reset Buttoning!
Munchkin Bookmark of Retroactive Continuity!

are not "promotional" bookmarks, both are included in the
"Munchkin Bookmark Collection"

So is the "Bookmark of Boardgame Geekery", which is sold by BGG only...
Makes sense, but as Mister Ed says I am trying to make a complete list of bookmarks.

Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
You are of course correct. For my part, though, I'd rather the OP take "promotional" out of the list title, rather than drop those bookmarks off it. I'm personally more interested in an exhaustive list of bookmarks than specifically which ones can be classified "promotional". (But I'm not the one putting in the effort to make the list, so I obviously my preference shouldn't be the controlling one. ;-) )
I agree. I am not sure of how change the title, but I did change my description.
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