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Default [Real World, US East Coast] Famous gangland killings, figures, cases in the 2000s

I'm coming up with background for a whole bunch of NPCs. They are presently set in Boston, MA; but their background will be mostly New Orleans, LA; Florida and New York.

As it happens, the NPCs are mostly black and a significant part of them are of Haitian ethnicity, but they can have connections to all kinds of organised crime in their past, either friendly or not so friendly.

What I'm primarily looking for are some connections to real-world crime in the backstories. Preferably, this would be something that the underworld in Boston could have heard about, so bonus points for something that happened within driving distance of it, but sufficiently famous figures or cases from Florida, Lousiana or even from the Carribbean might justify inclusion.

What are famous unsolved gangland slayings that one of the NPCs could be reputedly responsible for?

Other infamous crimes?

What's are famous underworld figures in New Orleans, Miami or New York for someone to have worked for once?

Who's a famous 'bad man' on the East Coast in the 2000s*, someone that a character with a killer reputation could be compared to?

Other than Baltimore, Washington, New York and Philly, what are places on the East Coast with a large criminal scene of African-Americans? Are there any places that are notoriously linked to one other in the popular imagination, with a lot of traffic in crime between them?

Where are well-connected gangsters from New Orleans likely to have connections?

What would be the default attitude between criminal organisations primarily made up of people of Haitian ethnicity and Dominican gangs? Hostility or ordinary rivalry? Are they more or less likely to cooperate than, to take random examples, a Russian gang from Brighton Beach and a Cuban one from Florida?

Obviously, I'm looking for this stuff online too, but I thought that maybe someone who lived in the US could have assimilated some of what I'm looking for by media osmosis, so would have a better idea than I can gather with a quick Google search of what are iconic, famous or infamous incidents or people.

*A real-life (or at least real-life rumour mill and memetic bad-ass) equivalent to Omar or Brother Mouzone in The Wire.
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