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Default Re: List of all promo cards

Originally Posted by ReversedPolarity View Post
Ah I see now. Are you missing
...In a Booster Chair +10 to monster?
Curse! Shuggoth Shuffle (promo back)
I'll have to check my master list when I get home, but was ...In a Booster Chair a promo, or in one of the W23 packs? I may have just missed it from my list.

Also, have you seen a promo backed Shuggoth Shuffle? It just seems like an odd card to have with a promo back since it is a curse.

Originally Posted by williamg1313 View Post
There is a
[Blank] GUAL [T] (no URL, no icon)
for the basic munchkin set

and there is a version of henchmonster with no icon and no URL
My understanding was that that GUAL was just in the later printings of cards packed with the Munchkin Dice, not a promo. I could be wrong. Anyone know on that front?
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