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Default Re: Game Geekery - GURPS Content Posts

Originally Posted by mook View Post
It took me a few minutes to figure out the issue here (because my installation of Wordpress has never crashed on me, ever) -- I think you are talking about, which is similar to Blogger in that the blog is proprietarily hosted by the company.

I'm talking about, which is the "self-hosted" version... that is, I installed it myself and maintain it on a domain that I own, and have never had a single problem with it in many years. I was just talking about maybe using it as the 'engine' for my whole site, instead of just the blog.

As a total aside ... there is another GURPSer on a different message board I frequent also named Ghostdancer, and it wasn't until just this past weekend I realized you are two different people. :)
Ahh, you got yours server side. Ah, well then. Carry on. And who is this imposter?!
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