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Default Re: New Inventions: just-around-the-corner breakthroughs in Psychology (and similar)?

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
I thought that documented capability to grant patients the ability to buy off Phobias dates at least to TL6, and was done through Psychological Techniques alone. Wasn't there also some (partial) breakthrough in treatment of PTSD and other attained derangements?
If you mean things like hypnotherapy for phobias that tends to be more "anecdotal" than "documented".

Frequently for therapists working with a "black box" they don't even have initial diagnoses that would pass a rigorous scientific standard. Then once you're in the fix of not knowing how was sick with what and how bad you have lots of trouble measuring success of therapy v. letting the patient try to recover on their own.

To Gurpsify things you could be looking at "Roll v. Will every 6 months at a penalty equal to x to recover. Treatment with Psychology-12 gives a bonus of y." and we can't tell what the values of x and y should be or even if 6 months is about right.

It's very hard to tell when things that can't be quantified are scientific.
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