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Default Re: New Inventions: just-around-the-corner breakthroughs in Psychology (and similar)?

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
I thought that documented capability to grant patients the ability to buy off Phobias dates at least to TL6, and was done through Psychological Techniques alone. Wasn't there also some (partial) breakthrough in treatment of PTSD and other attained derangements?

That's . . . actually quite impressive.
I think just giving a label to your problems can help. Confusion and inability to articulate your suffering leads to increased suffering and isolation.

Social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder is so much easier to explain to oneself than vague terms like crippling shyness or how even good excitement can lead to hell.
Dealing with that inner voice with psychological techniques should be possible at real world TL 6 or any time with proper types of culture.
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