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Default Re: New Inventions: just-around-the-corner breakthroughs in Psychology (and similar)?

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
TL8 Pharmacy(Synthetic) and Physiology (Neural) can provide Mitigators for some things for some of then population that needs them. They don't actually "fix" anything.

Psychology as the scientific study of the human mind may not actually contribute that much right now. What works (sometimes) may be more the domain of that neurophysiology and related medical sciences.

A vastly improved State Of The Art is assumed in TS but what it can or should be able to do is largely unrelated to current practices.

Other than "turn to the later TLs of Bio-tech and UT" to get game mechanical answers I haven't got anything for you. I just wanted to get in my 2 cents on what I thought were mistaken beliefs about the current SOTA.
Originally Posted by jeff_wilson View Post
Ditto; most improvements in the treatment of "mental illness" are the identification of what are in fact organic disorders that impact behavior without more overt physical symptoms, schizophrenia and depression among them.

Psychological injury, and the behaviors resulting from unsuccessful or imperfect coping attempts, that's much less tractable,.
I thought that documented capability to grant patients the ability to buy off Phobias dates at least to TL6, and was done through Psychological Techniques alone. Wasn't there also some (partial) breakthrough in treatment of PTSD and other attained derangements?

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
The "hardest" part right is making someone realize they have a problem and should change for their own benefit.

It's not depression; it's that my life sucks or I feel physical pain and everyone keeps calling me "crazy".
It's not bipolar disorder; it's depression, and my rare happy moods are normal.
It's not abuse; she/he loves me, and every relationship has problems.

Some "magical" method of getting people to see their lives in an unbiased manner would help so many people.
That's . . . actually quite impressive.
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