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Default Re: New Inventions: just-around-the-corner breakthroughs in Psychology (and similar)?

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Greetings, all!

So, Psychology (capitalised) walked a long way from TL0 mix of lore and superstition with its exorcism of angry mind-spirits to a TL8 science with techniques and drugs that actually do allow fixing derangements and doing other stuff (when done properly, anyway).!
TL8 Pharmacy(Synthetic) and Physiology (Neural) can provide Mitigators for some things for some of then population that needs them. They don't actually "fix" anything.

Psychology as the scientific study of the human mind may not actually contribute that much right now. What works (sometimes) may be more the domain of that neurophysiology and related medical sciences.

A vastly improved State Of The Art is assumed in TS but what it can or should be able to do is largely unrelated to current practices.

Other than "turn to the later TLs of Bio-tech and UT" to get game mechanical answers I haven't got anything for you. I just wanted to get in my 2 cents on what I thought were mistaken beliefs about the current SOTA.
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