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Default New Inventions: just-around-the-corner breakthroughs in Psychology (and similar)?

Greetings, all!

So, Psychology (capitalised) walked a long way from TL0 mix of lore and superstition with its exorcism of angry mind-spirits to a TL8 science with techniques and drugs that actually do allow fixing derangements and doing other stuff (when done properly, anyway). It went even further up to TL10, with inventions such as harnessing the intuitive capabilities of the local subconscious (TM134, 136), ability to edit individual mental traits of people (TS166, TS136 and 144), efficient unconscious education (FW34) and genuinely efficient edutainment (FW35) etc.

But Transhuman Space is a world of rapid invention. So the question is, what sort of inventions along the lines of Psychology and its related fields are just-behind-the-corner, ready to be the next big thing accessed through a New Invention. I'm talking both TL10 stuff that hasn't been invented yet, and early-TL11 stuff that can become yet another of the first heralds of TL11 that keep popping up in 2100?

Thanks in advance!
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