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Default Re: Speculation Thread; Power-Ups 7

Originally Posted by PK View Post
It's just a blog site -- a place where people can post announcements, random thoughts that pop into their heads, updates on their day, etc. Like Facebook or Livejournal. Click on the "Twitter" link in my sig to view my feed if you want to see for yourself.

(There are some weird, completely false memes about Twitter, like "you have to sign up for it to read someone's feed" or "you have to have a cell phone to use it." I don't know why. My guess is that they get it confused with Instagram, which does have weird restrictions similar to those.)
I was being facetious. I know what it is; I just don't use it (or Facebook, or MySpace, or any social networking site. Hence the smiley and Willfully Anachronistic Quirk ref.
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