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Default Quick Question: Snakes and Grappling

Quick question. Rules as written and canonically speaking.

I'm on a very tight time budget as we're playing in a couple hours and I still have planning to do. ;-)

Making sure I'm not overlooking something in my great haste. Say a creature using the Vermiform hit location table, p. B553, with no manipulators and no legs wants to grapple an opponent. Can someone go through the rules real fast for me?

The Creature has Constriction Attack, p. 43. It states: "To use this ability, you must first successfully grapple your intended victim."

Page B370 states: "You must have at least one empty hand."

It has No Manipulators (p. B145).

So, can it just not grapple?

Rules quotes and page references greatly appreciated!

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