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Default Fight Club III: please critique my fights

The 3rd fight in an ongoing series to get me to learn the combat rules. This time Iím tackling grappling.

Please let me know what errors you see.

For the sake of this fight, I will not be using:

* Tactical combat
* Random hit locations
* Extra effort in combat
* Technical grappling

I am referring to the Basic Rules and Martial Arts for combat options and rules.

All rolls are exactly as rolled. If this results in the hero dying 2 seconds into fighting a mook, so be it. That said, if I have to go back and change details because of an error, I will try to avoid re-writing several seconds of action, so Iím giving myself some leeway there.

So far I think the heroes have been quite lucky in these fights.

It looks like grappling take a lot longer than striking to take an opponent down. On the other hand, I think it will be more effective than striking when one on one.

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