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Default USA-Olive Branch, MS-MFM Aug.28-31st

Hello everyone! Agent Panda here, just letting you all know that I will be running some AWESOME games and two tournaments at Mephit FurMeet (MFM) 2014! You can find the address and register with the link below!

So come find me in the game room and lets play!

!NOTE! These 4 are the main events, but I will be doing random SJ Games Demos all weekend for anyone who wants to play or learn, so feel free to bug me about and SJ Game you like! Ill have my collection with me.

Friday, Aug 29th @ 1PM
Munchkin Demo: Ever wanted to stab your friends? Well do it the legal way! Come on out and learn how to play the popular card game, Munchkin! This will be both a teaching demo as well as free play, so even if you know how to play, come on out anyway. There will be promo cards and other goodies to give away. This is also great preparation for the tournament later today!

Friday, Aug 29th @ 7PM
Munchkin Tournament: This will be an official sanctioned Munchkin tournament! There will be awesome prizes for EVERYONE who participates and a special GRAND prize for the winner. You MUST know how to play the game to participate. This is NOT a teaching event and tournament rules will be enforced. To learn how to play, please attend the demo earlier today!

Saturday, Aug 30th @ 5PM
Zombie Dice Tournament: Do you like BRAINS! Find that your arms keep rotting off while you run for that hot fursuiter? (How do they RUN in those?) Then take a load off and come play Zombie Dice! This will be an official tournament BUT, is open to anyone to play no matter your skill level. There will be a quick run down of the game and a few practice rounds before we actually begin! Great prized to those who eat the most yummy brains!

Sunday, Aug 31st @ 1PM
Munchkin Quest: Ever been playing Munchkin and though, "This is fun, but I wanna play a board game"? Well, now you can! Come and play Munchkin Quest, the dungeon building board game will all the fun of Munchkin! Stab and steal your way to level 10, and then see if you can beat the BOSS MONSTER!!! Prizes for anyone who plays.

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