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Default Re: Zombie Dice 3, School Bus Questions

Originally Posted by Typher Kane View Post
Two questions:

1) Can I get off the bus voluntarily even if I don't roll any feet when rolling the bus die?

2) If I elect to jump off the bus (to "catch" some feet) the rules say to "set the school bus die aside" - do I still count the brains/shotguns rolled on the school bus die if I choose to do this?
This is how we play
Q1: Yes, but once off you are off. The dice are the people, the feet mean they got away.

Q2: those that jump off the bus are off the bus and are out. We don't put the dice back in the cup or reroll them. You know what the dice are and you may not pick so randomly (Oh look 3 green!!)
Yes you keep your brains and shotguns
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