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Default Re: 2.6 seconds VS Annihilation card

  1. I prefer multiple threads, one question (or a few related questions) per thread, than one thread with multiple unrelated questions.
  2. This game does not have a LIFO setup. It's FIFO, and so if you annihilate the Wizard card after he's charmed a Monster, it won't change a blessed thing. If you annihilate the monster, it's already too late. The monster was charmed, discarded, the Wizard gets the Treasure once he's gotten rid of any remaining monsters.
  3. The 2.6 seconds is a joke, and it means that you have to give your opponents a chance to prevent you from winning. I have always played it that eventually the player in combat can call for a countdown, but that countdown doesn't start ticking as soon as the Monster is revealed, and the player in the combat has all the time he wants to take to try to make a win. He's not required to make decisions in 2.6 seconds, which was an inference I got from one of the posts in this thread.
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