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Default Re: Official Rules Update and FAQ (Draft versions 1.01 - June 21)

Originally Posted by dwalend View Post
Missed that. What problem is it solving? An INF on an LT wasn't particularly formidable before that. Target the LT at 1:1 and nick the INF at 2:1. Why nerf the Inf to D1?

Maybe something softer -- "Infantry mounted on the same vehicle must be in the same defense group. Other infantry in the hex may join that group" if they feel lucky.
One problem may be 5.11.2 -- that deals with fire on "vehicle + infantry" combinations by noting that the result is applied to "all the infantry" mounted on the vehicle. There is also some absurdity that arises from 7.11 and 7.12.1 with cross-vehicle grouping.

For example, if you fire on a LT with mounted INF where the INF is grouped with two INF not on that LT, what effect does a "6"/"X" have on the three INF squads? Per 7.11 and 7.12.1, all three squads should be removed, even though two of them were *not* on the LT.

More absurdly, if this is 3 INF squads on 2 trucks (and say A2 against the 2-INF truck), this would result in the heavily-armored passengers of one truck being killed while the truck continues on merrily.

There also is some potential oddity from spillover fire (7.12). There should be spillover fire on all the other vehicles in the hex, which (per 5.11.2) should result in identical-roll spillover fire on all the infantry mounted on those other vehicles. This would seem to imply that a cross-vehicle INF group should be subject both to direct fire (at the target vehicle+INF) and spillover fire (at the other vehicle+INF) from the same shot.
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