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Default Re: Single usage versions of skills?

Originally Posted by aesir23 View Post
Technical Grappling introduces Break Free as a technique that can be improved (with a Technique Mastery perk). It also works somewhat differently than breaking free in Basic, and would be prime suspect for Skill Adaptation.
Yeah, this would be a good combo. Skill Adaptation to your striking skill, then Technique Mastery to get to up to your skill+4. Fair warning: if you're very skilled but have low Trained ST, you will "succeed" in your break free attempts often, but remove very few Control Points with each success. And Karate and Boxing use the Slow progression for Control Points, so "getting good at escaping using Karate" should be looked at very carefully compared and contrasted with "low levels of Sumo Wrestling with Technique Mastery for Break free," since the Trained ST bonus is better.

I believe you have just inspired a blog post.
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