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Default Munchkin Rule Clarifications

I want to apologize in advance if any of these questions have been previously asked, but I didn't have time to read through all the posts. After almost a year of playing munchkin, the group I play with always has disputes over certain rules and we wanted them clarified, I figured it'd be easier to just post them all in one thread.
1) Can the elf reach the winning level by helping kill another monster?
2) When you get cursed to lose one small item, does it have to be an item you're equipped with or can it be an item you have turned to the side you're not using or in your hand?
3) If you use a super munchkin card with just one class does the "no disadvantages" rule only apply to fighting monsters? For example, if I'm a "super thief" can I use the singing and dancing sword?
4) Can you change what item your heirling is carrying?
5) Can a thief steal the really impressive title?
6) Do you get the bonuses of heirlings? Example, if I have a thief heirling can I steal?
7) Can you cary, but not use an unlimited number of items? (the items you have turned sideways on the table) Example, we've had cases where one person had over ten items turned sideways and not in play on the table
8) I know a thief can only attempt to steal one item once, but can he continue to attempt to steal other items from the same victim?
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